Contact Info

Donald A. Bowen President/CEO

Bowen Realty & Don Bowen Inc.

6301 M-68 @ Bowen's Corner Box 340

Indian River, Michigan 49749

Please read the following:

Due to the ever changing laws, and insurance regulations, its imperative you read the following:

*** Our security deposits charged are in accordance with Michigan Law, and are 1-1/2 times the monthly rent.

*** All pets must be licensed, and up to date on their shots, in accordance with the laws of Cheboygan County Michigan.

*** If accepted, tenants must have liability Insurance for their pets.

*** There is an additional fee charged to each tenant of $50.00 per month per pet.

*** ALL tenants must carry a Renters Insurance policy

*** ALL homes are Non-Smoking!!

*** Be expected to be able to pass a background check

*** Credit issues can be discussed on an individual basis. We have been known to make concessions, especially when it comes to medical bills.

*** We do require a signature on an addendum to our lease agreement regarding the marijuana laws newly enacted in the state of Michigan.